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Half-Off and More Retail Prices

We Resale High Quality New and Gently Worn Clothing for Low Prices.


Bring in Your New and Gently Worn Unwanted Clothes to sell for Profit. When your Item Sells You will Recieve 50% of the Profits.


We Have High Quality Brand Name Clothing, so you can Stay in Style for Low Prices that you cant get anywhere else.

Elegant Formals

We have One of the Largest Collections of New and Used Formals and Wedding Dresses in Arkansas.

Save $$$ Make $$$

Bring in your New & Gently Worn Clothes to Sell for Profit

We sell your unused clothes on consignment.  When your item sells you will receive 50% of the profits.  Bring in your New and Gently Worn clothes today and we will make you an offer.

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Our store was featured in the 10 Best Thrift Shops In Arkansas

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Bring in Your Clothes

Bring your unwanted new and gently worn clothing.  We will review your items, and the ones that make the cut will be eligible for consignment


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Check Back to see if your items have sold and receive 50% of the profits.