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Featured Dresses

February 22, 2019 Article Gallery 2

Featured Bridal and Formal Dresses

I read in the Heloise newspaper column that June is still the number one month for brides.  Heloise goes on to tell us:

    “And why do so many girls  get married in June?  It’s an old tradition that comes from several sources.  One is the taking of the annual bath, back in days when bathing was done once a year, usually in late May or June.  The couple were as clean as they would be for the rest of the year.”

Wow!  Well we are all certainly a bit cleaner today, but at KEY ELEMENTS we still love our June brides. To help us celebrate, enjoy the following offer: 10% OFF PURCHASES OVER $100 in MAY and JUNE when you tell the cashier that you saw this offer on Miss Barbara’s Blog.

2 Responses

  1. Patty Yarbrough says:

    Just checking in to see if any of the (4) dresses I left have sold yet.

    • Kim Bull says:

      Hey Patty! When I get there tomorrow I will check that and give u a call. I will put you checked in and I do have A few items of yours that we did not keep if you would like to come and pick those up or we can donate them which ever. You might have talked to Barbara already since I’m just now seeing this email so just let me know. Thank you

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